lunes, 26 de enero de 2015

ALYOF End of month Post

January is almost gone! What?! 
So it was Myra's Queen Month in our Birthday Bandy Group and I decided I would make a Wall Hanger Organizer from Patchwork Please!

I chose to make it in Myra's favorite colors and I am pretty happy with it! I do hope she will love it and use it a lot!

I purchased the Ebook at the beginning of January and I am sad to say the Customer Service at Interweave has not been helpful at all. It is impossible to download the templates from a mobile device. Call it Iphone or Ipad. Considering I bought it because I read on the move, and I print on the move, I found this situation pretty frustrating. I contacted several people and have only gotten One Reply. And that was, to log on a desktop and print from there. So, whah's the point in having this ebook on my Kindle? No answer to that I'm afraid.

Anyway, back to more pleasent matters. My goal for this month was number 96 in the Goal Setting Post here

 Liking up to Melissa at Sewbittersweetdesigns

Grow your Blog!

Welcome to my corner of the world!

My name is Mariana and this is where I share my shenanigans! I hope you will find something inspiring or amusing as you browse my posts. 
I am also a Slow Blogger, so I won''t blog your Bloglovin a lot either!
I love to swap and you can find me regularly on IG. Much more regularly than on this blog!

Originally from Argentina, I lived in South Carolina for five years and then I moved to Valencia, Spain, where we live with our two kids.

I have not made anything special for today as my giveaway, but I do want to host one so, here we go!
I am going to make an Open Wide Zipper Pouch in the color of choice of the winner! Or the fabrics, if I have them!

Here's a photo of me at the beach two weeks ago. It's not very cold here in winter.

To enter the giveaway please tell me what your favorite colors are and/or if you have a favorite designer or collection you would like your Zippy made of.
Thanks for stopping by! See you around!

viernes, 16 de enero de 2015

Mini Quilt Swap:: El primero del año

Este block me encantó para probar. Se llama Migration block. Hay un tutorial gratuito que podés encontrar aquí.

This was a perfect To Try Block. It's called Migration Block and there's a free tutorial that you can find here.

La consigna era bien clara, Blanco, Negro y el color que eligiera tu compañera. La mía eligió Rojo. Y me puse manos a la obra. Es la primera vez que hago algo con unas reglas tan fijas y debo confesar que, si bien al principio tuve mis dudas, cuando vi el Mini Quilt acabado me costó despedirme de él. 

The rule was very clear. Black, White and a Pop colour chose by my partner. She chose Red. And I dove right into making it. It's the first time I work with such specific parameters and I must confess, that even if at the beginning I had my doubts about it, in the end it was hard to let it go.

Lo acolché con hilo de brodar de tres filamentos, a mano. Y el bies también esta cosido a mano.

I hanquilted it with a three count embroidery thread and handbinded it too. 

Esta de camino a California y espero que a Jan le guste.

It's on its way to California and I hope Jan likes it.

Ha sido un placer hacerlo. 
It's been a real pleasure.

Nos vemos!
See you soon!

jueves, 1 de enero de 2015

ALYOF December Party!

I have neglected this blog for the most part of 2014. I apologise for that. One of my goals for 2015 will be to write at least two posts a month. Probably the ones related to ALYOF. ;)
So this post is actually the last one of 2014 and it goes to the Accomplishments in ALYOF

As usual, Thank You Melissa and Shana!

And the accomplished goals are

January: Pillows for mum
February: Doll Quilt Swap
September: Flickr
October: Flickr
November: Flickr

I hope to see you soon!