sábado, 28 de febrero de 2015

ALYOF End of month post

This was a hectic month! Really! I have no idea how the end came up on me so fast!
My goal for this month was to finish the Mini Quilt for my Rainbow Mini Team Yellow partner. You might even remember my complaining about her absence of communication.
Well, the mini is finished and I love it! But I am holding on to it until I hear from my swap mamma that my partner is on board. Because she is still MIA.
Quilted and binded with my beloved Aurifil.
And ready to be loved! 
Thank you Melissa for hosting this!

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domingo, 22 de febrero de 2015

Grow your blog winner

Thank you to all who entered my Grow your Blog post!
There were 14 lovely comments!

And the winner is

Janice Petty! From Cape Coral, FL!

I'm off to emailing you! By the way, I love your dolls!

See you around!

jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015

Febrero, decisiones. Decisiones :: February, decisions. Decisions

Ya comienza el segundo mes del año. El tiempo vuela. Es el mes de San Valentín, el mes de mi cumpleaños. Que cuántos cumplo? Es clarísimo! Uno menos que el año pasado! 

The second month of the year is about to start! Time flies! It's Sain Valentines month, and also my birthday. How old you ask? Well, of course! A year younger!

Vamos al grano. Este mes quiero tener acabado el Mini Quilt que estoy preparando para mi compañera del Rainbow Mini Swap, organizado por Terri en IG. Mi compañera raramente participa en IG asi que dudo mucho que lea este post. ¡Cómo me gustaría que participara activamente en el hash del grupo! Por cierto, estoy en el grupo Arco Iris Amarillo.

Let's get to the point. My objective this month is to finish my Rainbow Mini Quilt. It's for Rainbowminiswap, organised by Terri on IG. My partner hardly ever participates in the hash posts so I doubt she will ever read this. If only she were more communicative! By the way, I'm in #rainbowteamyellow.

Hace unas semanas en SewMamaSew se publicó un post sobre un bloque precioso. Se llama Icicle Block. 

A couple of weeks ago, at SewMamaSew they published a post about a gorgeous block. It was called Icicle Block.

Y es el que decidí hacerle a mi compañera, aunque sin su ayuda, porque no comentó en la foto donde le preguntaba si le gustaba. Dejé que pasaran unas semanas para ver si me decía algo, en vano. Hace unos días saqué mis lápices de colores y me puse a pintar el patrón. A mi me encanta! A ella, no lo sé. Tampoco comentó nada.

And it's the one I decided to make for my partner, no thanks to her input if I may say so. I let some weeks pass by in the hopes she would turn up and say something. She did not. So I took out my colored pencils and decided to start planning. I love how it turned out! Her? I have no idea. She did not comment on it either.

Este tema me frustra mucho, no quiero ser negativa ni quejosa. Pero cuando uno se apunta a un Intercambio, debe ser participativo! Sí o sí. Hay que comentar en TODAS las fotos. Es la única manera en la que esto funciona. Cuando esto no ocurre, yo siento que a mi compañera le importa un pepino lo que hacen los demás y, por ende, tampoco ella da importancia a lo que hace. Y me pongo mal. Porque doy el 100 por 100 en los intercambios.

This is very frustrating for me. I don't want to be negative or whiny. But when you sign up for a swap, you must be active in the group. There's no other choice. You must comment on all the photos. It's the only way it works. When you don't participate I feel that you don't care about what's going on and therefore you don't care about what you're making either. And it hurts my feelings, because I give 100 per cent.

Aquí esta la foto de mi plan. Lo tendré acabado para finales de mes? Eso espero!

This is the photo of my plan. Will I finish it by the end of the month? I hope so!

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lunes, 26 de enero de 2015

ALYOF End of month Post

January is almost gone! What?! 
So it was Myra's Queen Month in our Birthday Bandy Group and I decided I would make a Wall Hanger Organizer from Patchwork Please!

I chose to make it in Myra's favorite colors and I am pretty happy with it! I do hope she will love it and use it a lot!

I purchased the Ebook at the beginning of January and I am sad to say the Customer Service at Interweave has not been helpful at all. It is impossible to download the templates from a mobile device. Call it Iphone or Ipad. Considering I bought it because I read on the move, and I print on the move, I found this situation pretty frustrating. I contacted several people and have only gotten One Reply. And that was, to log on a desktop and print from there. So, whah's the point in having this ebook on my Kindle? No answer to that I'm afraid.

Anyway, back to more pleasent matters. My goal for this month was number 96 in the Goal Setting Post here

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Grow your Blog!

Welcome to my corner of the world!

My name is Mariana and this is where I share my shenanigans! I hope you will find something inspiring or amusing as you browse my posts. 
I am also a Slow Blogger, so I won''t blog your Bloglovin a lot either!
I love to swap and you can find me regularly on IG. Much more regularly than on this blog!

Originally from Argentina, I lived in South Carolina for five years and then I moved to Valencia, Spain, where we live with our two kids.

I have not made anything special for today as my giveaway, but I do want to host one so, here we go!
I am going to make an Open Wide Zipper Pouch in the color of choice of the winner! Or the fabrics, if I have them!

Here's a photo of me at the beach two weeks ago. It's not very cold here in winter.

To enter the giveaway please tell me what your favorite colors are and/or if you have a favorite designer or collection you would like your Zippy made of.
Thanks for stopping by! See you around!