lunes, 26 de enero de 2015

ALYOF End of month Post

January is almost gone! What?! 
So it was Myra's Queen Month in our Birthday Bandy Group and I decided I would make a Wall Hanger Organizer from Patchwork Please!

I chose to make it in Myra's favorite colors and I am pretty happy with it! I do hope she will love it and use it a lot!

I purchased the Ebook at the beginning of January and I am sad to say the Customer Service at Interweave has not been helpful at all. It is impossible to download the templates from a mobile device. Call it Iphone or Ipad. Considering I bought it because I read on the move, and I print on the move, I found this situation pretty frustrating. I contacted several people and have only gotten One Reply. And that was, to log on a desktop and print from there. So, whah's the point in having this ebook on my Kindle? No answer to that I'm afraid.

Anyway, back to more pleasent matters. My goal for this month was number 96 in the Goal Setting Post here

 Liking up to Melissa at Sewbittersweetdesigns

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  1. That is an awesome swap item! I bought one craft book in digital format and never again, far too many problems, I like my hard copies :)

  2. I often find that the customer support for digital downloads is not all one would hope for... especially if you're not in the same country as the publisher. It's a lovely finish nonetheless... I really like your colour palette!


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